PRESS RELEASE – INNOVA products are now exclusively available through CAI ENVEA Group under the brand-new PAS Sense series
July 03, 2024

ENVEA Announces New Product Line to Enhance its Portfolio

ENVEA has become the exclusive supplier of Lumasense A/S INNOVA products as part of a new product series called PAS Sense.

Built, serviced and distributed by the CAI ENVEA Group facility in California, the PAS SENSE series will include multi-gas analyzer products, sampler/doser products, and associated software products. 

CAI has served as INNOVA’s exclusive sales and service partner for the North American market for over 15 years. With its existing team, facilities and gas cylinder inventory, CAI is well-placed to manufacture, service and calibrate the PAS SENSE photoacoustic spectroscopy units accurately and reliably.  

Tom Compas of CAI ENVEA said: “The PAS SENSE Series is a natural addition to ENVEA’s product portfolio, and we are genuinely excited to offer this well-established product offering to the global market. Working alongside LumaSense Technologies A/S, we are fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all customers. We’ll be adopting a phased approach, starting with the immediate migration of manufacturing and servicing to ENVEA.”

New products will be introduced to the series, providing customers with a broader range of gas monitors and gas analyzers. Delivery times will be enhanced, and the high levels of product maintenance and support currently offered will be maintained.  

Founded in 1978, ENVEA is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge ambient air, emission and process monitoring systems for industry, laboratory, and government institutions. ENVEA provides reliable measurement, data processing and reporting solutions ensuring full compliance with local, national and international environmental directives and regulations.

For more information about the PAS SENSE Series:

From left to right, Doug Omer (CFO CAI), Trevor Sands (CEO ENVEA),
Pete Furton (Founder CAI), Tom Compas (CEO CAI)


ENVEA is a leading provider of environmental management solutions for the protection of people and planet. ENVEA’s equipment and technologies encompass ambient, emissions and process monitoring systems such as gas analysers, dust monitors, solids and flue gas flow meters, as well as environmental data processing and reporting solutions.

ENVEA is headquartered in Poissy (France) and has over 1,000 FTEs within R&D centres, production facilities and Sales & Services local business units across France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the USA, India, and China. Its broad product range and monitoring solutions are supported worldwide by a large sales and service organisation, through its exclusive and dynamic distribution network.