Dosage du débit de charbon dans une usine d’incinération des déchets pour la neutralisation des polluants

Énergie et environnement | SolidFlow 2.0

Client : Usine d’incinération de déchets (pour produire de l’électricité)

Produit : Hearth furnace coke

Conveyed volumes: 10…15 kg/h

Conveyor mechanism: Rotary conveyor

Installation location: in the free-fall line after the rotary conveyor

What measuring process was used previously:

According to the client, the system offers the following advantages:


  • Continuous flow metering
  • Little maintenance required (no mechanical parts)
  • Simple retrofitting without major conversion

Client benefits:

  • Exact input of adsorbent material
  • Guarantees the desired material volume in both measuring lines (both lines are operated from a silo)
  • Quality control of the bonding of pollutants of the incineration process