Choosing the best monitoring solution for your particulate and velocity monitoring application can be confusing. The video below, can help guide you to choose the right ENVEA particulate and velocity measurement technology for your application and needs.

ENVEA offers particulate measurement and velocity measurement sensor technology solutions for Emission monitoring and reporting as well as Process efficiency, control and trend analyses, in a wide range of industries.

Industrial plants that have flue gas emissions to air vary greatly depending on their process, their output and the abatement process. This results in a wide variety of stack sizes, flue gas compositions, post-filter conditions and a wide range of flue gas velocities. Knowing which ENVEA technology fits your plant conditions can be confusing but ENVEA is here to help you make the right technology choice based on key plant considerations such as approvals, explosive protection, temperature, pressure, moisture in the flue gas and many other variables.

Using the right particulate measurement technology, for example in a wet Flue Gas Desulphurisation (wet FGD) plant, is important. Plant operators must choose technologies that enable them to both controls their emissions to meet their Emission Limit Values (ELV) and measure particulate in wet flue gases. Operators in a cement plant need to monitor abatement bag house efficiency to capture data on flue gas particulate levels, bag leaks and bag failure to avoid mass emission events and to control costs, labour and downtime. Users of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) need a highly accurate particulate measurement technology that can measure charged flue gases. All these key considerations and many more are provided for in the ENVEA range of particulate and velocity sensor technologies.

Our new video helps to guide you to the right technology for your site by giving you an introduction to some of our key particulate and velocity technologies, giving you a more defined list of products to read more about in our Product Selector and product web pages.

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