ENVEA presents its new portable multi-gas monitor designed to meet the specific needs of regulatory and periodic stack emission monitoring, and help users save time along their on-site day. 

The MIR 9000P is compliant with international directives and standards such as U.S. EPA and EN 15267-4, the latest European standards for Portable Automatic Measurement Systems. It guarantees high accuracy and extended measuring ranges for 8 parameters (NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4, N2O, O2 and residual H2O).
The analyzer uses the non-dispersive infrared method with gas filter correlation (NDIR-GFC) while O2 is measured by a built-in paramagnetic sensor (SRM).

The all-in-one case MIR 9000P is lightweight (15 kg /33 lbs) & compact. Its robust design includes built-in vibration absorbers ensuring measurement cell stability and a case closed IP44 protection index against water splashing.

The analyzer is quick to install: warm-up time is 30 min max (without optional battery) and offers self-adapting gas scales. It is also compatible with most sampling systems on the market.

The MIR 9000P features remote access to full operation thanks to ENVEA Connect™ App and proprietary Wi-Fi. In addition, the user is one click away from key functions via the embedded touchscreen or smartphone. Key operational status is also available at a glance via the front side indicator.

It is IoT ready, offering latest connectivity technology and providing the user with software update, key operational alerts and notifications on smartphone.

Finally, its modular design ensures quick access to operational devices along low and easy maintenance.

All this makes up for a unique portable gas emission analyzer offering high productivity and low operational cost.