ENVEA Environnement Italia Spa won the tender for a total system revamping of the existing monitoring systems at one of the largest and most dynamic electric utility companies on the Italian scene, operating in the sectors of:

– Electricity
– Thermal energy for district heating and gas
– Management of integrated water, environmental & technological services.

Our solution for the IREN Power generation plant located in Piacenza (North Italy), includes a new shelter equipped with all the monitoring systems and continuously measuring the emissions over the 2 stacks:

– 4 x MIR FT analyzer for the measurement of multiple gases: NO, NO2, NOx, N2O, CO, CO2, SO2, HCl, HF, CH4, TOC, NH3, H2O, O2… The MIR FT is designed to operate under legislation such as 2000/76/EC (WID) and 2001/80/EC (LCPD); it offers maximum availability and complete compliance with QAL 1 of EN14181 & EN15267-3
– 4 x Graphite 52M FID analyzer – one of the sole hydrocarbons analyzers on the market offering QAL1 certification according to EN 14181 & EN15267-3, and to be also available in a transportable version
– 2 X AMESA-D dioxins sampler ( PCDDF/PCDF ) Fast becoming the system of choice for new build energy from waste plants, the AMESA-D uses isokinetic technology to provide continuous monitoring and documentation of dioxins/ furans. It is also the only long-term sampling system for Dioxins with TÜV, MCERT & ETV EPA approval.
– 2 X PCME QAL 991 dust monitor utilising the unique ElectroDynamic™ Probe Electrification technology, which outperforms alternative probe electrification technologies by extracting a specific frequency band of the induced AC signal. This patented feature ensures confidence in accurate and representative data by eliminating any cross-sensitivity to changing flue gas velocity within typical bagfilter velocity ranges (8-20m/s) whilst maintaining stable, high resolution sensing characteristics.
– 2 X SM-4 Mercury CEMS analyzer specifically developed for total mercury emission monitoring in order to measure very low levels of mercury in flue gases as well as complex matrices (SO2, NOx, HCl, etc.) with high accuracy and reliability.

Main features:

– Dry thermocatalytic method: no need for reagents, water refills or solid reagent cartridge replacements.
– Sample dilution eliminates interference from matrix gases such as SO2, NOx, and HCl, etc. the system being able to measure with virtually any sample matrix
– Maintenance free converter directly at stack: no transport of ionic mercury thus minimizing mercury adsorption
– Thermo-catalytic converter principle operating at low temperature
– Detects elemental, ionic and bound mercury
– Automatic QAL3 (option)
– Very low maintenance

We take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust and congratulate our Teams.