The German company Mercury Instruments Analytical Technologies GmbH (Mercury Instruments), a leading supplier of mercury monitoring solutions for laboratory, safety, process and environmental applications, has joined the Environnement S.A. Group (The Group) through an acquisition process conducted by the French company Environnement S.A., a leading European supplier of environmental and process monitoring solutions.

This alliance will immediately strengthen the emission monitoring offering of The Group with innovative certified products meeting the coming European regulations for monitoring the mercury emissions of large combustion plants and incinerators.

At the same time, it will provide additional product ranges for The Group’s international network of distributors in the field of mercury monitoring in ambient air, and in health and safety applications.

Moreover, in growing markets such as natural gas, following the recent acquisition of TDL Sensors Ltd, a UK based high technology company dedicated to the development of Tunable Laser gas process analyzers, Mercury Instruments will reinforce the process division of The Group with its expertise and experience in value-added solutions beyond regulatory markets.

The management of Mercury Instruments, will remain within The Group and actively participate in this new stage of of the company’s development, working with The Group management team to focus efforts on achieving the strong anticipated growth that will be created by the synergies within The Group, benefiting their respective customers, partners and employees in terms of expertise, quality and services.

François Gourdon, President and founder of Environnement S.A declared, ”We are very enthusiastic about the opportunities that we’ll be able to provide to our worldwide industrial customers. The twenty years expertise of Mercury Instruments in the monitoring of mercury as the International Minamata Convention is coming into force, combined with the expertise of the Environnement S.A Group in the monitoring of other gases, particulate and flow, will definitively help to strengthen our position in process and regulatory applications”.

Dr. Alfred Sauerer and Dr. Brigitte Inderst, Managing Directors of Mercury Instruments add: “This strong partnership announced today will boost Mercury Instruments’ growth plan and strategy, allowing our technology to reach new customers and new markets, while strengthening our capacity to develop new applications”.

Environnement S.A, the leading European manufacturer of on-line environmental monitors whose headquarters are based in Poissy (France), has been a Public company since January 2006, listed on Euronext Growth. Founded in 1978, the Environnement S.A Group provides monitoring solutions in the fields of air quality, industrial process control and emission, engine gas, water quality and radionuclide.

These solutions designed and produced throughout the different companies of The Group have been promoted since January 2018 under the protected trade mark ENVEA

About Mercury Instruments GmbH (
Mercury Instruments Analytical Technologies was founded by Dr. Alfred Sauerer and Dr. Brigitte Inderst in 1997. Based in Karlsfeld/Munich (Germany), the company is a global leader in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art mercury analyzers as well as customized solutions in almost every possible field of mercury analysis. Already 20 years ago Mercury Instruments developed the first mercury emissions monitor ever using a dry thermocatalytic method thus avoiding the use of chemical reagents. Since the beginning Mercury Instruments has continued to keep its mercury analyzers up to datein order to always meet the current requirements of its users.