Together with our local distributor NahlaEnvirozone, we have the pleasure of inviting you at Arablab exhibition in Dubai from 12 to 14 March 2019.

ArabLab 2019

Continuous emission monitoring is a challenging technical field, not only because of the application specific accuracy & performance of gas and particulate emission monitors, but also due to the harsh environments in which they must continuously operate. To meet these challenges, ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A Group), produce a comprehensive range of monitoring solutions to fulfil the requirements of gas and particulate emitting industries worldwide as well as national & international regulations. With over 40 years as a leading specialist in the development, manufacture & supply of Continuous gas and Particulate Emission & Flue Gas Velocity Monitoring, the Group offer the widest range of monitors for Regulatory Compliance, also through to Dust Filter Leak & Performance Monitoring for Industrial Processes, in dry, humid & wet flue gas applications.

The Group is world leading manufacturer in the field of Pollution monitors, gas analyzers, particulate analyzers, solids and flue gas flowmeters, dust monitors, environmental DAHS, processing & reporting software. It offers advanced environmental monitoring equipment with full turnkey capabilities that not only delivers accurate real-time data, but also provides long term reliability operating in the harshest conditions.

The most powerful annual show for the global Laboratory & Analytical Industry

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– Showcases the latest technology
– Brings results
– Achieves success
– Develops business
– Provides solutions
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Industries concerned worldwide:

– Agriculture
– Biotechnology & Life Sciences
– Chemicals & Reagents
– Chemical Engineering
– Drug Discovery & Development
– Energy & Environment
– Food Testing & Diagnostics
– Forensics & Security
– Instrumentation
– Laboratory Technology
– Material Testing
– Measurement & Testing
– Nanotechnology
– Petrochemicals
– Process Control
– Quality Control
– Research & Development
– Robotics & Automation