Characterization of biogenic content of municipal waste: ENVEA takes part in UIOM ¹⁴C program

Municipal waste incineration | AMESA-B

The program “UIOM 14C” has featured a measurement campaign of the fossil and biogenic CO2 emitted by french incinerators. The study, implemented under the sponsorship of ADEME, FNADE and local partner communities, took place in 2018 and 2019, across 11 sites. It represented a population of 10 million inhabitants and 10% of the waste incinerated in France.

In practice, measurements were made in collaboration with Cabinet Merlin, thanks to ENVEA’s AMESA-B system, including:

  • continuous sampling in the exhaust gas flow, by periods of one month
  • a filter cartridge for CO2 adsorbtion

The AMESA B collects all the CO2 in the cartridge and the laboratory later determines the proportion of biogenic CO2.

The 14C analysis of the CO2 was made in compliance with ISO 13833 and NF EN 15440.

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It allowed to determine precisely the biogenic and fossil share of the emissions and the energy, and to quantify the plastic content in solide waste thanks to the Massbio2® solution from Cabinet Merlin.

The preliminary results have thus contributed to provide very informative data to the partner cities, including in terms of waste sorting and CO2 emissions :