ENVEA wishes to create a best-in-class sales team, using Salesforce as the primary tool to achieve sales excellence. The Head of Sales Excellence will be responsible for identifying and implementing best practice across all of ENVEA’s sales teams.

ENVEA sales teams comprise regionally based teams, each lead by a Sales Manager, alongside global teams managing ENVEA’s network of distribution partners and regional strategies.

The Head of Sales Excellence will work closely with Sales Teams as well as senior and executive leadership to define sales processes, document them and work with teams to implement them into tools, primarily Salesforce, and to work with all sales teams to ensure they are followed. The role holder will monitor progress, identify opportunities for improvement and drive change to achieve excellence.

Reporting to the Chief Revenue Officer, the holder of this role will have a strong background in a commercial environment, understanding the needs of a modern sales team and being able to identify what excellence means for such a team.


  • Take full responsibility for managing the use of Salesforce across all teams, project managing the implementation and deployment of Salesforce functionality in line with identified business priorities.
  • Liaise with the Chief Revenue Officer and other C-level executives to understand business objectives and reporting requirements.
  • Liaise with Sales Managers and Area Managers to understand their needs and the needs of their teams.
  • Play an active role as a member of the Revenue Team management, working closely with other Revenue Team Managers, in the fields of Marketing, Product Management, Services and Systems.
  • Analyse, understand and measure the requirements and objectives of ENVEA’s Sales Teams to increase sales productivity.
  • Ensure that sales forecasting, opportunity management and account growth improve visibility and management, and result in profitable growth
  • Map and define Sales Processes and ensure they are implemented and followed by teams.
  • Identify KPIs, define reports, drive data quality.

Key Contacts

C-level executives, Sales Manager, Executive Area Managers, Area Managers, Sales Teams, IT Teams, Finance Team, all members of the Revenue Team

Qualifications and Experience


  • Experience of Salesforce essential
  • Experience of working in a commercial environment with dynamic global sales teams
  • Experience of working in a global business environment
  • Experience Project Management
  • Understanding of Sales Processes.
  • Understanding of and experience of working in a manufacturing business highly advantageous.
  • Experience in reporting and data visualisation


  • Degree level qualification required
  • Knowledge of environmental and emissions management technologies helpful.


  • Strong communications skills
  • Strong Project Management skills
  • Understanding of the needs of data visualisation.
  • Good IT skills, particularly Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Fluency in English essential. French or German beneficial


ENVEA has global sales team located in France, UK and Germany, and regional teams in France, UK, Germany, Italy, China, India and USA.

The holder of this role will be willing to travel and get to know the teams in all these locations. However, the Head of Sales Excellence can be home based. Home location close to an ENVEA site in any of UK, France or Germany would be an advantage.