Hands-on with your analyzer

Concerned models: O342e, AC32e, AF22e, CO12e, VOC72e, AS32M, MP101M, MIR 9000e, MIR 9000ASD, MIR 9000P
You have already downloaded the ENVEA ConnectTM application which will allow you to benefit from all the analyzer connectivity and intelligence features, as well as maintaining it up to date.

Please follow the next steps in order to install your analyzer correctly and download all the documents required for its operation.

These documents are:

  • Quick-Start Guide (QSG),
  • Technical Manual
  • Metrological Qualification Test Report
  • Quality Test Certificate

On initial powering-on, follow this procedure to have an access to these documents. Then, read carefully the Quick Start Guide (QSG) before commissioning the analyzer.

Follow the procedure indicated below:

1 – Connect the power cord to the mains supply.

2 – Power ON the unit by pressing the ON / OFF button located on the front panel (for e-series analyzers & MIR 9000P), or on the rear panel (for MP101M). The analyzer screen turns on:

3 – Wait for the analyzer to startup
4 – Touch the button to display the information panel
5 – Go to the menu on the ENVEA Connect™ App and click on the “ QR code” function
6 – Once connected with your analyzer, go to the menu on the ENVEA Connect™ App and click on the “ Documents” button