In context of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia National Vision 2030, the National Center for Environmental Compliance – the authority responsible for environmental issues, information and weather prediction – has decided to expand and enhance the air quality monitoring network of the Kingdom. The objective is to increase the number of stations, establish a central unit for monitoring air quality (AQMC) and to set a framework for collecting emission data.

Consequently, ENVEA and its local partner HOI have been awarded the tender to provide the equipment (gas and particulate analyzers, spares and DAHS), software and services for more than 100 stations dedicated to monitoring regulatory pollutants such as CO, O3, NOx, SO2, PM, VOC, TOC and H2S.

ENVEA will provide a turnkey solution including instruments such as AC32eAF22eCO12eO342eMP101MVOC72M and HC51M together with eSAM data acquisition modules and data processing and reporting software XR® and WEX™.

The overall turnkey project shall be fully managed and executed by Solutions by STC and is planned to span over a period of three years.