The year 2018 was Environnement S.A.’s 40th anniversary. The milestone was marked by several major events including the acquisition of Mercury Instruments GmbH and the introduction of our new corporate name, ENVEA. Under the new name, all the subsidiaries and acquisitions became united worldwide.

The Group is continually evolving with sustainable growth. Over the years there has been ongoing coordinated efforts between our R&D centers and our sales force, highlighting the synergies of recently acquired companies. These efforts enable ENVEA to enter new markets and develop applications that fit with our current product lines and goals. 2019 looks to be an optimistic year, continuing the group’s dynamic accomplishments.

2017 2018
Revenue 80.4 M€ 91.6 M€
EBE 9.3 M€ 14.0 M€
% of revenue 11.5 % 15.3 %
Operating income (EBIT) 7.7 M€ 11.9 M€
% of revenue 9.6 % 13.0 %
Net income 5.3 M€ 9.5 M€
% of revenue 6.6 % 10.4 %
Cashflow 6.7 M€ 10.5 M€